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with Jana Striebeck and Max Ovaska

written and directed by Marcus Hägg

Through a coincidence a troubled woman arrives on an island with an abondoned house. There she begings a new existence, settles down and tries to live her life far away from her earlier problems. As she one day gets company from a young boy on the island it remains to be seen if it is a beginning of a great companionship or of a fate.

DOP p. pällijäff   EDITOR t. niemi   MUSIC m. sauter   PRODUCER m. hägg
E. PRODUCER s. terpoorten   SET PRODUCTION ASS. i. schulz   LIGHTNING i. aho / t. koivisto
CAMERA OPERATOR l. grigorjeff   CAMERA EQUIPMENT frank media oy   LIGHTNING EQUIPMENT sputnik oy

tuulensu - maja and mikael hägg - hellvi and jenni johansson - kalle and antti
CATERING matglad / t. hilden    WOODWORKER j. kujala